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Olivia Anderson, M.P.H.

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Olivia Anderson  


Hometown: Houghton, MI.

About Me: I grew up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (the 'Yooper')! I attended Michigan Technological University, majoring in Biology. Nutrition was always of interest to me, so I pursued an MPH in the EHS department of UM, concentrating in nutrition. At UM I worked as a clinical lab assistant in the campus wide M-Flu study. Additionally, I worked on a Mediterranean diet study, as well as in the Michigan Clinical Unit designing diets for various clinical research projects. I am currently doing the UMSPH dietetic internship to become a registered dietician. Outside of school I love to run, read, bake, cook, and spend quality time with my friends and family.

Favorite Thing about Epigenetics: The role of maternal nutritional status on epigenetic events in her offspring, and how these impact the health and development of offspring. Also, the skinny, chubby, and obese Avy mice!


>> In Utero Exposure to Bisphenol A: Effects on the Fetal Epigenome

The overall objective of this grant application is to identify species, dose, and tissue-specific epigenome-wide alterations following gestational exposure to bisphenol a (BPA), a high production volume chemical used in the manufacturing of polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins, and to map developmentally labile epigenetic genes in order to facilitate human health risk assessment and human disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.... More >>


>> Iron Deficiency

In collaboration with Barbara Felt from the UM Center for Human Growth and Development, this project aims to analyze the epigenetic dysregulation resulting from prenatal iron deficiency. Additionally, dose-response effects on physical and cognitive developmental milestones will be examined to understand the behavioral and physiological consequences of iron deficiency.... More >>