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2 Related Groups

  • Villamor Group - Villamor Group
    Eduardo Villamor's research focuses primarily on the study of child health and development with the use of epidemiologic methods. His research interests span a wide range of topics at the intersection of nutritional, perinatal, and infectious diseases epidemiology. They include studies of nutrition in child growth and development, early-life risk factors for chronic disease, and the interactions between nutrition and infection.
  • Xi Lab - Biofilms, Water Quality, and Human Health
    Research in the Xi Lab mainly focuses on biofilms, water quality, and human health. We use molecular and genomic tools to understand molecular mechanisms of persistence and resistance of pathogens in natural, engineered and industrial environments; transmission routes of pathogens from environments to hosts; and their impacts on health of general public and industrial workers. We are particularly interested in the role of biofilms in these processes. In addition, we use advanced imaging tools, high throughput screening techniques, and nanotechnology to study biofilm development, the spread of antibiotic resistance, and control of biofilm-related infections.

2 Related People

  • Eduardo Villamor
    Pediatric and perinatal epidemiology, nutritional epidemiology, developmental origins of health and disease, nutrition and infection, child and maternal nutrition.

  • Chuanwu Xi
    Biofilms, water quality and treatment, global environmental health, molecular microbial ecology, gut microbiome, antibiotic resistance, infectious diseasesAcinetobacter baumannii, and Helicobacter pylori.